About Us

Distributor of Cable, Fans & Electronics.

PHD Power

Founded in 2005, the company sources products from accross the globe to provide customers with high quality, performance and reliability.

We are a Level 2 Broad Based BEE company providing a wide range of products that cater for all customer power needs.

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Our electronics division includes power semiconductors such as thyristors, diodes, rectifiers, IGBTs' and assemblies. Each component is available in an extensive range of voltage and current ratings, recovery times, case configurations and terminations depending on its application
We supply high quality AC and DC cooling fans used in computers and machines where ventilation is essential. Our fans are power efficient, quiet in operation with minimal electromagnetic and radio interference. Accessories for fans such as chrome silver guards or dust filters are also available
Our extensive range of power cable provides customers with the quality and flexibility required for various applications. These cables are ideally suited for use in exposed and concealed locations with dry, damp or wet environments.

Our cable range includes:
  • HO7
  • Ozoneflex
  • PVC Welding Cable
  • Silicone Cable
  • Nitrile Trailing Cable
  • Xtreme Mining Cable (Type41)
Cable can be measured and cut to customer’s specification or supplied in complete drums.