During it's early years, PHD Power entered the market as a distributor of power semiconductors such as thyristors, diodes and rectifiers. It was during this time that the company formed it's business relationship with world reknown semiconductor manufacturer IXYS Wescode.

Gaining agency with IXYS meant providing the South African market with electronics that comply to high European standards and quality. In a similar fashion, the company's director, Mike King, embarked on sourcing only the best quality fans to compliment the growing electronics market. With years of experience in the fans industry he sourced his products from Bisonic due to their superior quality and reliability.

However, with today's competitive industry and China taking the lead in cost effective manufacturing it was a given that to remain competitive the company's electronic product range would be sourced from China as well. These products are often tested to ensure there is no compromise when it comes to quality.

Then cable came alone..................

In 2010, the company introduced it's cable division and began supplying submersible rubber cable HO7RNF . Despite it's humble beginnings, HO7RNF is now our flagship product and it's cut and packaged according to customer's specification.

At PHD Power we guarantee:

  • Quality products with competitive prices
  • One stop shop for all your power needs
  • Industry expertise and experience that can assist you find the right product for your applicaiton